Universal adhesive packer - polymer
adhesive surface Ø 50 mm, height 48 mm

  • The shut-off slide valve can be opened and closed - injection to ZTV-ING
  • No opening pressure must be overpowered
  • High tightness is achieved
  • No material will drop out of the packer
  • Applicable with reaction resins and mineral material
  • No cross-section reduction
  • The special material properties of the adhesive packer favour the adhesive bond between the adhesive and the adhesive surface of the packer. The adhesive packers withstand high pressures depending on the substrate
  • The insulation material has to only be applied over the crack
  • Injectable in low and high pressure processes
  • The adhesive is applied to the adhesive surface of the packer using Klebfix (approx. 6 g)
Material to be used
  • micro cement
  • 1C injection resin
  • epoxy resin
  • polyurethane
  • quick-foaming polyurethane
  • 2C injection resin
  • cement paste
  • cement suspension
  • 2C polyurethane
Technical data
free passageØ 3 mm
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